They are here! They are really, finally here.

After all that waiting and teasing, YG Entertainment’s latest idol boy group has, at long last, officially debuted. iKON made their official grand entry into the South Korean entertainment scene with their debut single, “My Type” (취향저격).

iKON MY Type


The song on its own is an upbeat hip hop track written by YG Entertainment’s veteran songwriters CHOICE37 and KUSH. iKON members B.I and Bobby contributed to the song, with B.I working on the melody and lyrics while Bobby unleashed his writing skills for the lyrics.

In the music video, the boys are perfect representations of the debut single – cute and fresh. They can be seen decked in colourful, pastel clothes, exuding a carefree vibe, while sitting around swooning over their respective crushes.

“Cute” is an understatement, really 😉

Watch and listen, and swoon:

Want the song? Get it off iTunes here.

Meanwhile, iKON will be releasing half of their album on 1st October and their official album, “WELCOME BACK” on 2nd November. Their official debut album will come with 12 songs, all written by the members themselves. They will also be holding a concert-like debut showcase on 3rd October.

For more information, visit YG Entertainment’s Facebook page.

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