It’s about damn time!

After what seemed like an eternity, we have finally some updates on the debut of YG Entertainment‘s upcoming idol boy group, iKON.



The company’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently took to his personal Instagram account to share a short video clip that came with the caption:

fromyg #iKON #firstMV #debut #comingsoon #nowshooting.

Fans immediately lost it because as seen in the video, the members are currently shooting their debut music video, which also indicates that their debut is drawing closer.

iKON’s debut is highly anticipated by fans as the group was supposed to have debuted earlier in January 2015. However, it was delayed. It was later revealed in June 2015 that the group will eventually make their debut after their senior label mates BIGBANG wraps up their “MADE” series promotions.


Now, the above Instagram post as the definitive proof, we can finally confirm that the group will indeed debut soon. This came after YangHyun Suk himself confirmed in an interview with OSEN that iKON’s debut date is set for 15th September. He explained that iKON was only forced to adjust their debut schedule to avoid the overlap with BIGBANG’s monthly releases for their “MADE” album.

Some insiders also revealed that iKON already “made over 50 songs in preparation for their official debut”, but we are unsure how many songs will eventually be featured in the debut album.


UPDATE (8th September, 7:55am):

Get ready, iKON fans.

YG’s CEO Yang HyunSuk has posted another teaser image to hint at iKON’s highly anticipated debut. The words “Get Ready?” and “Season Schedule Announcement 09.08.11am” are shown on the image, signifying that a huge announcement will be made at 11am (South Korean time) today.


UPDATE (8th September, 10:13am):

We thought that this day would never come. We almost had to pinch ourselves because iKON will finally be debuting on schedule.

According to a new poster just released by YG Entertainment, the boys will be releasing their debut single on 15th September, followed by a half album release on 1st October, and finally a full album released on 2nd November. After all, having waited for so long, one can never have too much of iKON 😉

Source: YG Entertainment
Source: YG Entertainment

Are you ready for iKON’s debut? Because we are 😉

Source: AKP.

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