It has been a busy later half of 2014 for YG Entertainment and it sure is going to be a busy next half a year or so for the company!

In fact, most of the artistes and groups under the company have got their hands full with projects e.g. AKMU with their “Time & Fallen Leaves” comeback, Epik High’s long awaited album release, BIGBANG’s upcoming album, WINNER’s debut, upcoming new K-Pop idol girl group codenamed “Pink Punkdebut, the “MIX & MATCH” reality talent survival program, NONA9ON clothing line, YG Family Concert tour, Moonshot cosmetics, 2NE1 leader CL’s US solo debut..

..Phew, did we miss anything/anyone out?


iKON Debut

And now, YG Entertainment has confirmed that their next K-Pop idol boy group, iKON, will be formally introduced to us via their official debut come January 2015!

CEO Yang Hyun Suk reportedly told Star News on 22nd Oct:

After working on the album a bit more as soon as “MIX & MATCH” ends, iKON will make their official debut this coming January. In the case of WINNER, they prepared a debut album instead of a single, so it took them 10 months after their survival program “WIN” ended last year to make their debut in August.

Like how 2NE1 first came out in the past, iKON will make their debut with a single followed by continuous releases of new singles so the time it takes them to prepare for their debut will be less than WINNER‘s. Another reason that iKON can make their debut soon after “MIX & MATCH” is because they have B.I, who has already been confirmed as an iKON member and has made a lot of songs up until now. Even after their debut in January, iKON will release as many singles as possible and will have a lot of domestic activities throughout the year.

The 3 members who are currently confirmed to be in iKON are B.I, Bobby, and Kim Jin Hwan. “MIX & MATCH” will also be holding their final match at Korea University, Seoul today at 8pm KST.

Tick, tock, tick tock!

YG Entertainment MIX & MATCH


We can’t wait 😀 We wonder what their concept will be like this time around!


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