We seriously didn’t see this one coming!

If you’ve been following the news, Indonesia is currently mourning the tragedy of the Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 plane crash. It has been reported that all 62 people, including 50 passengers and 12 cabin crew members, were killed in the incident.

Sriwijaya Air
Source: Instagram

However, things unexpectedly turned awry for this man, known as “Big Boss”. Padang Kita dished that Big Boss told his wife that he would be travelling to Pontianak for business affairs. He also informed that he would be boarding the Sriwijaya Air plane on 9th January (Saturday), scheduled to depart at 2pm.


However, Big Boss’ dirty laundry was made public after the news of the Sriwijaya Air crash began circulating on local media outlets. The husband eventually admitted that he didn’t go to Pontianak, but actually visited Bali to meet his mistress!

The story was shared by a TikTok user known as @Thojenk earlier this week. According to the social media user, he had travelled to Bali to celebrate his birthday with his secret lover. “Now he’s contemplating on whether to return home or stay put,” he revealed, as his wife had already conducted a tahlil (Islamic ritual to mourn the deceased) ceremony, thinking that Big Boss had died in the flight accident!

For those interested, watch the video here:


Source: Padang Kita.

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