The world was in deep shock when the news of the Sriwijaya Airplane crash incident made headlines over the weekend.

As the time of writing, the operation to find the victims as well as the remains of the plane are still being carried out by the Indonesian authorities.

Source: Dream

As reported by Dream, one of the victims involved in the airplane accident was a cabin crew named Ocky Bisma. Devastated by the news, Ocky’s wife, took to her Instagram Story recently to express her longing towards her partner. “Dear husband, you will definitely survive,” Aldha wrote on her touching post.


In her subsequent Instagram Story update, Aldha shared the final text conversation she had with her husband prior to his departure. Initially, Ocky had asked her to wait up for him not long before his flight had taken off. She tried to reach him again an hour later, but the texts were not delivered.

Additionally, Aldha also requested for those who knew her beau to pray for a miracle to happen. She then concluded by expressing her hope for her husband to return safe and sound.

Source: Dream

Fingers crossed, everything will be okay.


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