At 8:20pm on Tuesday, a Chinese man claiming to be a ‘Datuk’ argued with another diner in a hot pot restaurant. The restaurant is reported to be located at Tropicana Avenue.

The argument started when the diner politely asked the ‘Datuk’ and his friends to tone down their volume. The simple request turned into a physical altercation.

Source: China Press

A netizen who was there at the time detailed the fight on Facebook. According to them, the ‘Datuk’ and his friends had entered the restaurant looking drunk. They were very loud and made vocal complaints to other patrons in the restaurant.


A young man attempted to ask them to lower down their volume, but this angered the ‘Datuk’. He made a phone call and shortly after, two men arrived. It quickly escalated into a physical conflict.

During the argument, the ‘Datuk’ attempted to grab a pot of hot soup and pour it on the other party. Luckily, two of his friends dissuaded him. However, as his friends were leading him out of the restaurant, the ‘Datuk’ suddenly slapped the young man’s girlfriend. He tried to protect her but was beaten back.

Source: Oriental Daily

The incident, which had been photographed and recorded by other patrons, went viral on social media. Netizens also attempted to identify the ‘Datuk’ on Facebook, but his account has been closed.

Petaling Jaya Police District Superintendent Nie Yi Chani confirmed in an interview that a report has been made by the victim. They are currently identifying the men involved. No arrests have been made yet but an investigation is underway based on Articles 323 (intentional injury) and Article 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Criminal Code.

The employees present then were mostly women. They opted not to interfere as they were afraid of being implicated.

Sources: China Press, Oriental Daily.

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