Well apparently, chances of Ray Fisher’s cameo appearance as Cyborg in Andy Muschietti’s “The Flash” are completely worthless and non-existent at this point. These long-standing rumours were just made up and were never planned at all apparently.

The controversy revolving around Fisher and other staff working on “The Flash” still perpetuates. The actor stated that he never wanted to be involved in this project via Twitter last week.


Warner Bros. took his request very seriously. Unfortunately, this leads to Cyborg being written out of the screenplay. The recasting of the character will not be initiated at all, leading many to wonder what will happen to the robotically engineered hero. Expect fans to enrage, questioning where Cyborg will fit in the future of DCEU.

According to Mark Hughes, “The rumours of Cyborg recasting are a lie, Cyborg is not in The Flash and the role is not being recast. I’ve confirmed this with the studio. The rumour is FALSE“.

Where it all started.

Because of Fisher’s refusal to be associated with any work involving DC Films President Walter Hamada, this resignation was to be expected. The beef between Fisher and Hamada started last July when the actor accused “Justice League” director Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional” behaviour behind the scenes.

Fisher stated that the director’s behaviour was influenced by former DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns. It was also enabled by the former co-president of production at WB, Jon Berg. Both have left the company in 2017.

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Fisher’s beef with Walter Hamada.

Fisher resigned from the role last week due to his perpetuating beef with DC Films President Walter Hamada. The actor made a statement on Twitter last week, “Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler. He lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept. 4th hit-piece sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation”.


The actor continued his tweet, “I will not participate in any production associated with him”. Keep in mind that Hamada was not an executive producer for “Justice League”, nor was he the head of DC Films during that time. On Tuesday, it was notified that Hamada had re-upped his deal as DC Films president until 2023. Fisher stated that the news was “reactionary” on Twitter a day after.

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Fisher’s attempt to solve things once and for all.

Warner Bros. started an independent investigation last mid-August. The move was celebrated by Fisher himself. However, on 4th September, the actor criticised the company on Twitter, stating, “After speaking out about ‘Justice League’, I received a phone call from the President of DC Films wherein he attempted to throw Joss Whedon and Jon Berg under the bus in hopes that I would relent on Geoff Johns. I will not.”

Later that day, Warner Bros. denied Fisher’s allegation against Hamada and mentioned the actor never accused anybody of “actionable conduct”. Warner Bros. also stated that Fisher rejected speaking to the investigator despite multiple attempts to contact him.

WarnerMedia released a statement on 11th December that the company had concluded the investigation in allegations by Fisher of inappropriate conduct within the production of “Justice League”. “Remedial action” was taken, but WarnerMedia refused to make clarifications based on that.

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Fisher’s appearance in the DCEU as Cyborg was a shortcoming. Unfortunately, it’s time to bid farewell to any chances of Cyborg ever appearing in “The Flash”. It doesn’t help that lead actor Ezra Miller, was involved in his own controversy when he choked a fangirl last year.

Sources: The Wrap and Collider.

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