Inside Scoop has always boasted creative and local flavours, and they have always delivered.

One such creation is Tehlicks; which is malty, creamy Horlicks ice cream with a kick of Teh Tarik, topped with salted white chocolate Horlicks oat crunch. That just screams Malaysian.

Inside Scoop


Horlicks with Teh Tarik is one unique combination, what’s more when it’s ice cream. If you haven’t had it before, Inside Scoop is now giving you the chance to try it. For free!

A free scoop of this ice cream, cleverly named Tehlicks, will be given out at all stores. The catch? It’s only available this Friday (8th January). If you are an ice cream lover and an avid fan of Inside Scoop, this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

To get this free scoop on 8th January at you nearest Inside Scoop, fill in the form and show it to the outlet staff.

Also, if you enjoyed the flavour and want more of it, it will be available in store and on Grabfood!

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