There’s been an uproar ever since the death of Christine Angelica Dacera dominated headlines all over the world. One of the suspects, Gregorio Angelo Rafael de Guzman, recently came forth to sit down for an interview with CNN Philippines.

The son of singer Claire dela Fuente, who is 1 of the 11 men allegedly responsible for Christine’s death, maintained his innocence and insisted that he wasn’t part of the controversial crime.

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How can there be rape? I’m gay. I have never had sex with a woman,” Gregorio was quoted as saying. “What they are saying is painful. They don’t know what happened.”


Gregorio, who is also a flight attendant, shared that he and Christine got acquainted inside Makati’s City Garden Hotel on the night the incident took place. According to him, he went to sleep after partying with Tin (Christine’s nickname) and the rest of the group. When he woke up, the Pinoy beauty was already lying unconscious in a hotel bathtub.

I checked her nose to see if she was exhaling. There was nothing. I checked her heartbeat. There was nothing as well. I said, ‘Tin. Tin. Babe, wake up, please.’ And then I started to give her CPR,” recalled Gregorio, when he tried to revive her.

We carried her out of the tub by her arms. She was still warm. That’s why I thought I could still save her. We were there. We did not abandon Tin until the end. We did not leave her behind; so what they are saying is just painful,” he added.

His celebrity mom also maintained his innocence, saying, “We have nothing to hide. And I believe my son because he called me. He said, ‘Ma, there’s a situation here. I think this girl is dead.’ My son is gay. That’s hard to admit. I knew that since he was a child. I’m really scared. I just want people to be fair. We are expecting fair play here. We’re seeking justice too for Tin.”

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CNN Philippines reported that the official cause of Christine’s death was due to a “ruptured aortic aneurysm”. However, the Dacera family are seeking another autopsy and disputing the police’s findings.

CCTV footages of the night and details of the other 10 men involved are available here.


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