Ezra Miller is currently trending on social media for good reason. A disturbing 15-second clip showing “The Flash” actor choking a woman and tossing her to the ground has gone viral.

While some thought it was a joke or a meme, Variety confirmed that the altercation took place on 1st April 2020. The dramatic incident took place at a popular bar in Reykjavic, Iceland.

Ezra Miller
Source: Movie Web

In the video, Miller was heard saying, ”Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?” to a young woman. She must have thought that the “Fantastic Beasts” actor was joking as she was still smiling. He then grabbed her by the throat and physically forced her to the ground. You can also hear the person recording the clip saying, “Woah, bro, bro,” before it ended abruptly.


According to onlookers at the bar, a group of fans were apparently “quite pushy” when  they approached the Hollywood A-lister. This must have resulted in Miller losing his temper. A staff member at Prikið Kaffihús shared that Miller was then escorted off of the premises.


Diego Tinoco, who stars in “On My Block”, took to Twitter to slam Miller. “People get so clouded up in their heads with vanity they think they can do whatever they want to whoever they want. F**k Ezra Miller,” he wrote.

He’s not the only one who feels that way though.

Source: Variety.

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