Love it or hate it – “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” has been the topic of conversation since it’s released. Now that many of you have already watch the sequel, we can finally address the elephant in the room – that Credence Barebone is actually a Dumbledore.

Never mind that Albus Dumbledore only has 1 confirmed brother and 1 ill-fated sister in “Harry Potter” films; trust J.K. Rowling to throw a curveball in the Potterverse. Unlike movie-goers, Ezra Miller first found out about his character’s secret identity even before “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” came out.

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I was shocked, stunned, confused, ‘petrificus totalus’ with wonder and fascination. I still have a lot of questions for which I have no answers,” the 26-year-old actor recalled the first time he learned about Aurelius Dumbledore 2 years ago while he was in Toronto, Canada on a press tour.


Here’s something to note: Ezra believes that Credence/Aurelius really is a Dumbledore. “(J.K. Rowling) knows the mythology so well and I think she’s into confounding you for a moment and having a fan go, ‘Wait that can’t make sense!’ and then showing you how things you thought couldn’t make sense make sense. I think she enjoys people not getting it for a second. She’s done it to us a bunch of times,” he told the publication.

Ezra Miller
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

No doubt, we’ll find out more about Aurelius’ background in the currently-untitled “Fantastic Beasts 3”. However, Ezra has a theory on where this is heading. “If the question of the first film was what, and the question of this film was who, my prediction, if I’m making any, is that Aurelius’s question in the next film will be: why,” the entertainer suggested.

In the first film, Credence knew that he was unique but wasn’t aware that he was an Obscurial. This time around, he had 1 mission in mind – to discover who he really is. For the 3rd instalment, Credence/Aurelius will want to know why his parents abandoned him and why his identity was stripped away.

Ezra Miller
Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

This brings us to another question: does the smartest being Albus Dumbledore knows that he has a long-lost brother? “We truly do not know,” Miller lamented, but then said, “Jude knows. But he won’t tell you.”

It’s going to be a painful wait until “Fantastic Beasts 3” debuts on 20th November 2020.

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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