If you were left with a ton of questions by the end of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”, you’re not alone. One question that we can’t seem to shake is – who in Merlin’s beard is Aurelius Dumbledore?

Well, we know that Gellert Grindelwald dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Credence Barebone isn’t just from any wizarding family but a Dumbledore! Just let that sink in again for a moment…

Source: Warner Bros.

That being said, Grindelwald might very well be lying to convince Credence to join the dark side. He did after all lied about being Percival Graves. Credence is apparently the only person strong enough to help Grindelwald defeat Albus Dumbledore. If Credence’s Obscurus transformation is any indication, he possesses an immense amount of latent magical power.


In the “Harry Potter” books, it is revealed that Professor Dumbledore only has 1 brother (Aberforth) and 1 sister (Ariana). Now we’re led to believe that Aurelius is the long lost brother? It’s no coincidence that Aurelius and Ariana are both Obscurials. Is it possible though, that Ariana’s Obscurus had somehow been passed on to Credence?

Why is it that everyone is forgetting that Dumbledore has an unmarried aunt, most likely I believe, from his father’s side? She could have had a child out of wedlock, resulting in a child that is also a Dumbledore! BOOM! This is the most likely theory that I devised. That is if Grindlewald isn’t lying, which is the second most likely theory. I refuse to believe that after all of these years in the world of Harry Potter that Rowling would make such a change as to just randomly decide to give Dumbledore a new brother that was never mentioned before. Brother? No. Cousin? Much more likely!suggests commentator Carmen.

Phoenixes are also known to approach the Dumbledore family. Credence having one under his care is an exceptional case. The fact that Credence/Aurelius is family makes the drama between Dumbledore and Grindelwald much more intense and personal.

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