Cathryn Li (李元玲) is used to living a luxurious lifestyle. The famous Malaysian-born influencer recently posted a series of throwbacks when she and her family visited Japan last year.

In her Instagram Stories, Cathryn recalled visiting a restaurant named Kawamura in Ginza, Tokyo where her bill came up to a whopping 4321590 Japanese Yen (that’s roughly RM168000)!


In speaking to Hong Kong publication, HK01, the public figure shared that she and her family had apparently been on the waiting list for 3 years. According to 50 Best Discovery, this elite restaurant is an intimate clubhouse for beef connoisseurs. Tasting menu reportedly starts from ~RM8200 (which is what most of us earn in 2 to 3 months).

Besides wagyu, Kawamura is also famous for its black abalone. Cathryn pointed out that the food served by the chef were top notch. “We ordered 2 extra wines worth 1 million yen each (~RM39k),” she added. When asked about the jaw-dropping bill, the influencer told HK01 that her credit card has no spending limit so money wasn’t an issue.

Source: IG
Source: IG

The RM460 burger doesn’t even come close to this.

Source: China Press.

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