In case you haven’t noticed, a number of local brands have just posted some memes about the viral RM460 burger drama that happened recently.

It involved a supposedly rich guy surnamed Mr Chia, the RM460 burger, his initial interest Carmay, her friend Liddy, and a whole lot of drama.


According to a Facebook posting, Carmay initially thought that a rich pursuer had taken an interest in her. After disclosing this to her friends, bestie Liddy decides to throw Carmay a birthday bash with the intention of inviting Mr Chia.

Mr Chia was reluctant to come at first, but he was eventually persuaded to join Carmay and her group of friends. During Carmay’s celebration, those in attendance apparently assumed that Mr Chia was there to impress the birthday chick with his fat wallet.

While Carmay’s friends ordered some of the most expensive food on the menu, her male acquaintance only ordered a burger that cost RM88 and a glass of water. The total bill that evening came up to RM3679. It was divided among 8 people, which rounded up to RM460 per person.

Mr Chia paid his share of RM460 and thought that was the end of it. Little did he know that it was only the genesis of the drama. However, Carmay’s friend suggested that since he has taken an interest in Carmay, he should fork out another RM460 and pay for her share as well.

RM460 Burger

RM460 Burger

Here is where things got messy: when Mr Chia declined, Liddy apparently berated him for being stingy. In return, Mr Chia confronted Carmay about his dispute with Liddy. Carmay insisted that it was Liddy who organised and therefore, was responsible for what took place.


Angered by the ordeal, the drama soon spilled over to Facebook. It’s believed that Liddy was the one who started the drama first. Instead of staying silent, Mr Chia debunked her false accusations with receipts in the form of screenshots texts exchanged on social media. Liddy later requested for Carmay to come forth and apologise for giving them a false impression of Mr Chia in the first place.

Feel free to read the messages below:

So much drama right?

Since this blew up, here are some of the memes that have been gaining traction online:

RM460 Burger

RM460 Burger

Is there any rich sugar daddy/mummy who are keen on treating us to a RM460 burger?

Source: Lowyat Forum.

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