The ‘Datuk Seri’ from the Macau Scam, who had escaped the MACC building by jumping a fence, has been the talk of the town.

People were quick to point out that the escapee is Datin Alyaa Syuhaila’s husband, who is allegedly one of the masterminds behind the syndicate.

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Datin Alyaa, who was also reportedly detained by the MACC to aid with the ‘Macau Scam’ investigation, was unhappy and upset with people pointing fingers at her husband. She took it to her Instagram profile, @alyaa_syuhaila, posting several IG stories to call out against the accusations.


According to a local portal, she was furious at how netizens have been accusing her husband as the escapee, and fat-shaming him in the process. In one of her post, the Datin also showed a screenshot of a DM (direct message) she received from a netizen who had associated her husband with a pig.

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“People keep calling him a ‘fat pig’ and such. Why? None of your family members are fat? Just asking, or is it only their face that looks like a pig?” she questioned in her post. She also called out the netizens for judging others, “all of you (netizens) pretend like you’re members of heaven.”

That’s not the end of it as Alyaa demanded people to stop making up stories about them, asserting that there are no solid evidence that they are a part of the syndicate. She went on to say, “The case is still under investigation and we will give our full cooperation to help the MACC.”

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She added, “I’ve stated before that me and my husband are not part of the Macau Scam (syndicate). If I’m lying, I would’ve run away and shut my IG down. Nonetheless, people keep slandering us saying that we’re (a part of) Macau Scam. Did TV3 news mention our names?

In similar news, Chacha Maembong has been name-dropped by the netizens who accused her of gaining expenses from the syndicate for her business. She posted on her Instagram, @chacha_maembong, denying the accusations and stated that it has affected her reputation and her business.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

She stated, “Recently, I’ve come to know that a few individuals on social media have been releasing defamatory and untrue statements against me by claiming that I started my business with funds obtained from an individual named ‘Dato’ Zaidi Kanapiah’ and that I was involved in the ‘Macau Scam’ activity, as well as online gambling.”

“Due to the (untrue) statements made, I’ve received (negative) criticism on social media, and it has also affected my reputation and my business,” she added. Netizens started associating her with the syndicate when a picture of her with a “Datin” was spread around social media.

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Chacha also took the opportunity to explain that the photo was taken way back in January 2017. The public figure explained that it was the first time they met each other as acquaintances, and not as “close friends.”


Over the weeks, more and more celebrities have been accused of being linked with the “Macau Scam” syndicate. MACC previously reported that they have a list of names of local celebrities and business owners suspected of being involved with a money laundering syndicate.

Macau Scam
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Previously, Shaarnaz Ahmad has shed light on the “Bubble Bee” franchise which had also been linked to the “Macau Scam” syndicate.

Source: Gempak.

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