Sharnaaz Ahmad was quick to respond to netizens who have been urging people to boycott the “Bubble Bee” franchise, which was founded by popular comedian Shuib Sepahtu.

For context, Shuib and his wife, Siti Sarah, was recently called by the MACC to aid an investigation involving money laundering linked to the “Macau Scam”.

Source: YouTube

A local portal reported that the celebrity couple, who run the beverage business, sold their franchising rights to an individual referred to as Babyanamoi. This person is apparently acquainted to the Dato’ Sri and Datin, who were arrested recently for their involvement with the “Macau Scam” syndicate.


Due to money laundering relations, “Bubble Bee” has been receiving a bad reputation from netizens. Moreover, some Twitter users have expressed their disdain through encouraging others to shun the honey-based Boba tea franchise in the tweet below.

Source: Twitter

The tweet caught the attention of actor Shaarnaz Ahmad who owns a “Bubble Bee” franchise in Danau Kota, Setapak. The 35-year-old actor responded to the tweet to allay the protest against the Boba tea business.

Shaarnaz stated in the tweet, “Don’t be like that, we had nothing to do with it.” He further explained that they are only trying to make an honest living. Check out his tweet below:

Source: Twitter

Looks like the controversy revolving around our celebrities and the “Macau Scam” is getting out of hand. Is there more to come?

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