Everyone has heard of the infamous “Macau Scam” by now; a phone scam syndicate which has conned unsuspecting victims up to millions of ringgit.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is currently investigating the Macau Scam syndicate ties in our country, which might involve several household names and celebrities.

Source: Malaysia Gazette

Recently, the commission apprehended 5 people, including a person titled Datuk Seri, suspected to be involved with the syndicate. The individual has also been engaging in money laundering and running an online gambling site.


According to Kosmo!, the Datuk Seri and his wife are quite well known amongst local personalities, frequently partying with them. It is reported that the outcome generated by the illegal activities are laundered or used to fund celebs’ vape products.

Source: Kosmo!

The MACC is currently monitoring household names that have connections with the suspect. “Nevertheless, the MACC hasn’t called all of the suspected celebrities considering further investigations are being held,” a source told Utusan.

It is unknown whether our local artists are involved in the scam voluntarily or not. As of now, no comments or statements has been given by the MACC Chief Commissioner, Datuk Seri Azam Baki.

Source: Malaysia Gazette

Given the current circumstances, we hope the syndicate behind the Macau Scam is served justice as this atrocity has been going on for years.

Sources: Kosmo!, Utusan Online.

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