Malaysian singer Sharifah Zarina and her daughter Athalia Deena Buswani became the talk of the town after the duo took to their social media accounts to slam Pokok KL staff over their alleged unprofessional working ethics.

It is understood that Zarina and a few of her daughter’s friends went to the restaurant to celebrate Athalia’s 17th birthday. However, they were informed that they only had 15 minutes to place an order as the place would be closed for an event, much to their dismay.

Watch their clips here:


In response to their allegations, the Pokok KL owner, Christine Bong, came forth to shed some light on the matter. According to her, all the claims made by both Zarina and Athalia regarding the cafe’s early closure were defamatory. In this case, Christine stated that they had already announced about it earlier on its official social media accounts and a notice also placed at the entrance.

“Le sigh… So today our dear Pokok KL is under ‘attack’ by a bunch of people who failed to notice our early closure signs which were (posted) everywhere. Any lawyers want to take on this defamation case against these Insta-famous people on our behalf?” Christine wrote on Instagram Story, hinting at her plans to pursue legal action against the “Langit Ke-7” singer and her child.

So far, both of them have yet to respond to Christine’s statement. Sharifah Zarina and Athalia have since deleted both of their posts on Instagram and TikTok respectively.

Update (13th October):


Sharifah Zarina posted an update, explaining why she felt insulted by the RM50 vouchers that were offered by the eatery. Read her full post here.

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