Sharifah Zarina broke her silence after she was called out by the owner of Pokok KL over the weekend. She posted a series of statements on her Instagram page to shed some light on the controversy.

The singer said the management team did apologise to her in the comments section of the video she shared previously. But still, she was upset after the restaurant offered them 2 vouchers worth RM50, which was considered as ‘compensation’ to them.

Source: Instagram

“I think it’s not necessary to give the vouchers as compensation, although it might be part of the restaurant’s procedure. It’s not that I’m not grateful, but I believe it’s enough to just apologise and respect me as a customer at your establishment,” clarified the mother-of-three.


Zarina further added that she felt disappointed after she was called out for spreading slander due to the issues caused by the cafe. “As a result of the recent drama, I was blamed and accused of spreading defamatory remarks. Wouldn’t it be better if they took the initiative to apologise when I was at the scene?” questioned the “Pernah Bahagia” singer.

“The value of my dignity and frustration are not measured by vouchers. I couldn’t hide my disappointment and resentment,” Zarina concluded her post. “Thank you! Customers are always right.” Feel free to read her full statement here:

Source: @sharifahzarina_official

Was her lengthy explanation justified?

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