Earlier this week, the internet community has been buzzing about Neelofa and PU Riz’s budding romance rumours.

Things heated up after the former lover of the Muslim preacher, known as Amal Syahmina, appeared to criticise the “Next To Neelofa” host on her Instagram Story.



After receiving backlash from netizens over the post, Amal took to her social media account to clear the air on the issue. Though she didn’t specifically mention Neelofa’s name, she admitted her mistake for being too vocal in her previous remark.

“An open letter for myself, and to those who are concerned. The one and only reason I’m doing this is so I could move forward with good faith. A lot of claims are circulating online and I’m uncomfortable with that. For once and for all, I’d like to clear my name,” Amal opened her post.

Source: IG

She wrote, “Yes, I was wrong for being ‘bitter’. As a Muslim, we are never in a position to judge one’s intention when they are changing to be a better Muslim. I felt suffocated and I know that I could’ve reacted better. I have all the reasons to be sad and grieve. Regardless. I admit it’s my mistake. I’m at fault.”

“Some of you are coming at me and dissing me, telling me I’m not good enough. This is where it has to stop. You weren’t the one in a relationship with him for 5 years, you weren’t the one who grew close to my family, and most importantly, you weren’t the one who made the promise to my family and I that you would marry me,” Amal wrote in the lengthy statement.

Source: IG

In the shocking post, Amal also revealed that their relationship was tested when a third person came into the picture. According to the hijabista, “It was merely his fault for not fighting for me.” Despite that, she assured her followers that she is moving on with her life and doesn’t want to be haunted by her past history with her ex-lover.

Seemingly to avoid further debate among netizens out there, Amal has disabled the comments section. However, many have come up with their own speculations regarding the controversy. In this case, many are assuming that the “third person” Amal referred to is Neelofa.

Others also came forward to defend the hijab entrepreneur and bashed the girl in turn. Check out some of the comments left by social media users below:

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Despite the backlash, a few commentators also left uplifting comments, assuring Amal that she will eventually meet someone better than her former flame.

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