PU Riz is currently the talk of the town after he was recently seen at Neelofa’s brother, Mohamed Aqief’s solemnisation.

What’s interesting was that PU Riz had shown up wearing a blue baju melayu, which is the exact shade of blue worn by Neelofa’s family.

Source: Murai

From that, fans have already begun to question and suspect that something’s going on between them. Adding to the suspicion, both Neelofa’s sisters, Ameera Khan and Noor Nabila posted a selfie with PU Riz on their Instagram stories, which might give us some clues that he is an important person to the family.


Moreover, Athisha Khan hinted on Twitter that she might get married after one of her siblings tied the knot first. However, what caught everyone’s attention the most was when Noor Nabila took a video for her Instagram story of her sister, Neelofa, talking with Riz and accompanied it with a heart emoji! 👀

Source: Instagram

According to Gempak, Riz told the publication that he was only there to read the prayers and nothing else. He explained, “I was only asked by Neelofa to read the prayers, and that’s all.” This isn’t the first time where Neelofa and PU Riz were assumed to be dating by fans and netizens.

This previously happened back in the fasting month, where the both of them were seen together frequently. During that time, the rumoured pair denied the rumours and stated that their relationship is solely based on work.

Source: Twitter

We don’t think any of us will condemn them if the relationship goes from professional to personal. Nonetheless, we congratulate Mohamed Aqief on his solemnisation. 😉

Sources: Gempak, Murai.

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