Renowed YouTuber S Pavithra recently revealed that her husband, M Sugu is no longer working for his farming company. He has decided to focus more on creating content for their joint YouTube channel “Sugu Pavithra”.

In a recent interview with BERNAMA, Pavithra also shared that they have received a substantial amount for their third monthly income from YouTube. Though she didn’t reveal the exact number, Pavithra said that they’ll make use of the money wisely.

Source: OhBulan

“Now, my husband has quit his job in lieu of the sudden increase of followers on social media). Our income is also okay, hence, we want to put our focus on coming up with more content on our YouTube channel,” dished the 28-year-old. During the chat, she further revealed their plans to purchase their own house one day.


Meanwhile, Pavithra’s partner, S Sugu revealed that he chose to quit his job because he didn’t want to be distracted due to commitments for YouTube. “Back then, I often took leaves when a lot of people visited our house because I had to help my wife take care of our young children. So now, we want to focus on making great videos to bring in more subscribers and (hopefully) more money,” said Sugu.

Watch the full interview clip here, where she also gave her humble reaction to people labelling the couple as the “Icons Of Unity”:

To date, the YouTube channel has gained over 647k subscribers!

Source: BERNAMA.

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