Ms Pavithra has won the hearts of Malaysians not just through the art of cooking, but also from showing that you can succeed in life through hard work.

During a recent interview with Astro, the YouTuber chef recalled how difficult it was growing up in a low income family where she had to sacrifice her studies for money.

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Back in primary school, I got 5As for my UPSR examinations. Bahasa Malaysia has always been my favourite subject. It’s just that went I went to secondary school, I never got to complete my schooling and stopped halfway. I never even got to complete Form 4,” the 28-year-old mom was quote as saying.


Due the financial status of her family, Pavithra had to give up her studies at age 16 in order to help her father out, who was a construction labourer in a factory. “My father told me to to work to help the family. Also at the time, I was the eldest in the family as my older sister was being taken care of by my grandmother,” she added.

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It was from that experience where she managed to hone her Bahasa Malaysia skills by interacting with her Malay colleagues.

We wish Pavithra nothing but continued success 😉

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