For the past few days, local netizens have been questioning YouTuber couple M Sugu and M Pavithra’s actual earnings. This came after word got out that they have been receiving their cash from Google, thanks to the immense popularity of their channel “Sugu Pavithra”.

Many people have even taken it upon themselves to calculate their own estimations on their total income. In this case, some even claimed that they have earned a whopping value of RM144,000!

Source: YouTube

Well, rest assured that the answer was finally revealed during a recent interview with Harian Metro. According to Pavithra, “What we’ve earned now is more than enough. For the first time I received US$2,000 (RM8,700) of payment from last month. I never thought of earning this much money.”


Although the actual number mentioned was not as high as previously claimed, the housewife is positive that the amount is still okay for the married couple. Prior to this, she only relied on her husband who works in the field, with only RM1000 worth of income.

Sugu Pavithra

The channel “Sugu Pavithra”, which has gained over 550,000 subscribers on YouTube as at time of writing, regularly shares various local recipes prepared by the couple themselves. Not only that, it has also impressed Malaysians with its diverse content as well as their use of fluent Malay language in their clips.

Interestingly, the channel also caught the attention of our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Recently, Sugu and Pavithra received a set of cooking utensils which was gifted by our PM. Tan Sri Muhyiddin also left uplifting words towards the couple for their efforts in uniting locals through the sharing of their recipes.

Have y’all been inspired by her recipes yet?

Source: Harian Metro. / Featured Image: Siakap Keli

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