Now that Song Hye Kyo (송혜교) is back on the market following her shocking divorce, Hallyu fans have reason to think that she has gotten back with Hyun Bin (현빈).

As you may remember, the pair previously dated from 2008 to 2011 after starring together in the K-drama “The World They Live In” (그들이 사는 세상). However, the couple split shortly before Hyun Bin enlisted in military service.

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At the time, their agencies explained that their busy schedules pushed them further away from each other. It didn’t helped that there was an “overwhelming stress caused by public attention”. Since time wasn’t on their side, the decision to break up was necessary.


Having said that, recent activities on social media have led fans to believe that the “Crash Landing On You” heartthrob and the “Encounter” actress may have rekindled their romance. Of course, these are all speculations so we’ll leave it to you to decide if these “evidences” hold any weight.

1. Park Sol Mi’s suspicious IG post

Park Sol Mi recently drew attention to her Instagram post when she posted a screenshot of “The World They Live In” soundtrack. Bestie Hye Kyo commented on her post, saying, “Sister… Hahaha”. When fans started questioning if Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are dating again, Sol Mi closed the comments section.

2. Similar scenery?

Earlier this month, the 38-year-old beauty posted a scenic shot that looked similar to Hyun Bin’s commercial shoot location.


3. The “S” & “H” initials

Hye Kyo

In a selfie with a friend, fans spotted Hye Kyo donning a necklace with the letters “S” and “H”. Some assumed that it stands for her name and Hyun Bin. One argued that perhaps it was a “SHK” necklace.

What do you think?

Source: 8Days.

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