Back on 18th March, Chef Wan’s daughter Serina Redzuawan encountered a major loss in her life.

Her mother, Hajah Norhayati Ayub sadly passed away after a long battle of kidney and heart complications. However, Serina wasn’t present during her last moment before her death as she was on her way back home from Kuala Terengganu.

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Instead of feeling sad over the matter, Serina said she felt relived knowing that all the pain that her mother had suffered all along had been relinquished. “Mama supposedly had to undergo leg amputation. Thankfully she didn’t have to go through the procedure. I think it’s a sign that Mama was able to return to the eternal world in a perfect state,” said the local celeb in an interview with BH Online.


“On the day Mama’s passing, I saw a distinct change in Papa’s character for the first time. We always know him as someone very talkative. But Papa was much more quiet at that time and he just cried profusely. He cried profusely every time the cloth that covered Mama’s face was opened. During the funeral, he also remained silent,” Serina told BH Online.

Source: BH Online

Even though both her mom and dad have been separated for a long time, their relationship had been on excellent terms. According to Serena, “I can’t deny the fact that Mama was so lucky because Papa took extra care of her welfare.”

“Whenever he came back from overseas, he would often bring along clothes or souvenirs for her. Papa has also never failed to provide financial assistance for her. He even prepared a house for Mama’s comfort,” said the “Roda-Road KL” actress.

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During the chat, Serina also said that she’ll never forget the last moment she had with her mother. “My heart ached seeing Mama while bathing her body. The feeling was different from the time I helped her shower when she was alive,” recalled Serina.

She added, “I used to help wash her and tidy her hair. It was difficult for Mama to walk around due to her excessive body weight. I even fell several times when I tried to lift her from the wheelchair to get her in the car.”

“The sacrifice may seem small, but it means a lot to my parents. I noticed that Mama would often carved a sweet smile, thanking my help whenever I finished bathing her. Also, whenever I fell after attempting to pick her up, she just laughed,” she was quoted as saying.

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Besides Serina, both Chef Wan and Norhayati had a son together named Muhammad Nazri, or mostly known as Chef Riz.

Our prayers go to Chef Wan and the rest of his family. Stay strong!


Source: BH Online.

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