Vivy Yusof is finally shedding some light on the recent controversy surrounding her response towards the M40 and B40 groups.

In the 7-minute long IGTV clip uploaded last night (Wednesday, 1st April), the fashion entrepreneur publicly apologised to those affected with her previous statement.

Source: IG

According to Vivy, she never came up with such offensive remark, and she didn’t expect the public to be so gullible. “It was said in a Facebook Live video, but it’s not mine since I don’t even own a Facebook account. I was simply a viewer. But it went out of control. People just shared whatever they wanted to share and just believe it,” Vivy said in the clip, claiming that she was framed for commenting.


She added, “I never questioned the financial aid received by the groups as alleged before. But, I fear that the economic setback that the country is suffering may affect business and workers. And I never came up with a statement that such groups didn’t contribute anything to our country.”

In the clip, the 33-year-old tearfully said that the ongoing accusations thrown towards her over the past few days have gone overboard. “To think that the criticism received is on a national scale, it’s very difficult to bear. Even my husband and parents felt the impact as well,” said Vivy.

Following the recent UiTM petition, Vivy revealed that she’s planning to take action against the culprits who had spread the false claims. “I will be taking legal action on these people that started the rumours, the lies, the petition, it’s just so mean. And it’s unthinkable that you can do this to someone. I don’t think you’re willing to let your loved ones go through this. It’s a lot for someone to take.”

Taking the incident as a big lesson learnt, Vivy concluded by assuring her fans that she will be more careful in posting or sharing any statement online.

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