Vivy Yusof can’t seem to catch a break after her recent controversial response regarding the financial aid received by the B40 class people through the economic stimulus package.

This came after the Fashion Valet co-founder apparently agreed with an offensive statement left by a fellow businesswoman named Aleeya Zailan. Vivy ultimately received tons of hates for her downgrading comments towards the poor.

Soon after, fans have shifted their attention to this viral tweet posted by @NasirPasir (attached above), which talks about Vivy’s dUCk-branded stapler – selling at an eye-popping price of RM80! In this case, the netizen argued that the original price of the stationery is available at a price as low as RM1.30.

Based on VOCKET‘s findings on the label’s official website, there’s nothing special or unusual in terms of the features for this exclusive item that others doesn’t have. In response to that, fellow Twitter users have came out with their own speculations on the specialties of the product.

Source: Twitter

Scrolling through the replies, one comment that stood out. @aidasykrhh sarcastically questioned whether the stapler can produce a duck’s quacking sound. Additionally, @marzuki_munifah claimed that she’d buy the item if money can come out every time she use it.

In fact, another netizen who had used the stapler for office purposes also posted negative feedback about the item. According to her, the exclusive stationery is easily damaged when often used.


Well, it’s no surprise for us at all! This relates to the fact that almost all of the branded items (scarves, cosmetics etc.) is well-known among fans for its high price as compared to other local labels.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: VOCKET.

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