Businesswoman Datin Vivy Yusof has found herself in the middle of controversy, just for replying to a controversial statement posted by fellow entrepreneur Aleeya Zailan.

In her previous post, Aleeya complained that the poor will only become richer once they received the financial aid from the government, and will become “jobless” after the end of the movement control order (MCO) period.


The Fashion Valet co-founder appeared to agree with Aleeya’s comment. In this case, Vivy believes that the contribution isn’t long term, and everything will return back to normal following the conclusion of the MCO.

Unexpectedly, the conversation between the two has in turn caught netizens’ attention, with most of them slamming both Vivy and Aleeya with negative comments for their insulting remarks towards the B40 class people. Vivy’s name even trended on Twitter as a result of the massive backlash.

Soon after that, Vivy took to her Instagram to clear the air. The 33-year-old publicly apologised for her offensive remarks online. She further clarified that she wasn’t agreeing with the Aleeya’s first statement but instead with the latter one, as seen in her Instagram post below.

On the other hand, Aleeya’s Instagram has been set on private mode, possibly to avoid further attacks from keyboard warriors. For those interested, read Vivy’s posts on social media here:

Anything on the internet can be twisted and misinterpreted these days. At least Vivy was bold enough to address the issue head on.

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