The issue of Vivy Yusof seemingly downgrading the poor in her past statement has caused a massive commotion this week. Although she has apologised, netizens continue to attack her online.

Worse, a petition has been launched by the alumni association of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), which calls for Vivy to be dismissed from her position as one of its board members.



As stated in the list above, the purpose of the petition are as follows:

  1. Most families of UiTM students are from B40 and M40 groups.
  2. Vivy and her friend (Aleeya Zailan) have allegedly slammed the government for aiding the B40 and M40 community extremely affected by the outbreak by saying “the poor will become richer”.
  3. She failed to carry out her duty as a board member of UiTM. In fact, she didn’t keep in tact with the University’s reputation by supporting the bad actions done by her social media friend.
  4. She’s not an expert in economy.
  5. She’s not a scholar.
Source: Kisah Dunia

At the time of writing (Tuesday, 31st March), the petition has gained over 10,000 signatures from the public.

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