Word on the street has it that approximately RM250k was stolen from Syed Saddiq’s home in Petaling Jaya last Saturday (28th March).

The former Youth and Sports Minister announced that he has lodged a police report and an investigation is currently being carried out by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The Muar MP stated that the huge sum of cash, which was kept in a steel safe box, was last seen either on 13th or 14th March. He also took to Instagram to address the issue in a lengthy post. Ever since the story broke, there have been a ton of speculations swirling around the internet.

Here’s his explanation:

If it is true that it is illicit money, why should we report it? I am aware that a MACC report was made and understand MACC’s duties in investigating all allegations and reports. I will provide full cooperation in assisting the MACC investigation.”

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Out of the total of RM210k, RM90,000 belonged to Syed Saddiq, RM50,000 to his mother, and RM70,000 to his father. Multiple media reports have claim that some RM250k had gone missing, but he clarified that it’s just an estimate number since his parents were also victims of the theft.

The majority of the money is being used for the purpose of renovating the house that we own together. The other is for personal purposes. To this day I do not own a house. With that, father and I took the decision to buy a house together. And I hope to move into the house after the renovation is complete,” he added.

Syed Saddiq made almost 1.2m in legit salaries and y’all UMNO peeps questioning his RM250K cash at home. Najib had 1b in cash lying around and you still defended your bossku. Now how can we teach common sense in schools?” Inbaraj commented.

That’s not all, a series of bedroom pictures have also been “leaked” online. In the pictures, we see a shirtless Syed Saddiq sleeping beside a fully-clothed mystery woman. Is that his girlfriend? Or maybe a hook up? Netizens have been coming with their own conclusions.

When asked if the missing money had anything to do with an affair with an unknown woman, Syed Saddiq denied it. “This is a slander to bring down the reputation of my family and myself. I will not compromise on integrity and will ensure that my family and I fully cooperate in assisting the police and the MACC. I hope everyone stops speculating and gives the authorities the opportunity to investigate,” he said.

Syed Saddiq

Judging from the selfie pictures, numerous people have pointed out that those snapshots looked photoshop. Is this yet another game of dirty politics in our country?

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