What an epic comeback from Jun Ji Hyun (전지현) during her few seconds of screen time at the end of “Kingdom” season 2.

The dramatic ending for Netflix’s k-drama left viewers stunned and wanting more. The new female character introduced during the finale scene has gotten fans even more pumped up.


After successfully killing the undead with the help of his soldiers, Crown Prince Lee Chang (played by Ju Ji-hoon) and Seo-bi (played by Bae Doo-na) set off on a mission to uncover the source of the zombie plague. Seo-bi has discovered that the disease was caused by the resurrection plant. However, someone in the Northern Provinces has been selling it to commoners in the country.

The duo follows a trail that leads them to a secluded home housing undead around every corner. The camera then pans to the mysterious seller and mastermind behind the plague. Viewers are then left to speculate what exactly her motives are.

So is Ji Hyun going to be next season’s villain or will she helping Prince Chang and Seo-bi in solving the mystery? “Her character description is the plant seller who knows the power that the plant can do…and given that all the main villains died…it’s not far fetch that she will be the next one,” someone commented.

On the other hand, another said, “I don’t think she’s a villain after all, or maybe I’m not just observant… But I see her as a person who also wants to know the cure of the plague, that’s why she has so many undead for her experiments.”

Jun Ji Hyun

3 months ago, there were already reports on Ji Hyun’s involvement in “Kingdom”. It is said that she will be introduced as a critical role towards the end of season 2 and will continue on in season 3 as an important lead character. As to what extent? We won’t find out anytime soon.

As per All Kpop, this marks the 38-year-old actress’ official return to acting in approximately 4 years ever since she gave birth to her second son in January 2018. Whether she’s a zombie slayer or someone connected to the village girl (who saw her mum and sister killed) in season 1, fans are obviously excited!


Still, there’s also the scary revelation that the young crown prince isn’t cured yet. What will become of him in season 3?

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