There was no doubt that “Kingdom” (킹덤) was going to be a hit for binge viewers on Netflix.

Since it aired on the streaming service on 25th January, many are already excited for a follow-up season to the Netflix original Korean drama series. Here are 8 things we know about “Kingdom” season 2 so far:

1. When can we expect “Kingdom” season 2 to air?



Initially, “Kingdom” was reportedly ordered as a an 8 part limited series. However, Netflix decided to split the show into 2 parts – giving us more guts and gore to feast upon. Production for season 2 will start sometime this month and shooting is expected to last until June.

Our guess? “Kingdom” season 2 may premiere either late this year or it could be released around this time next year.

2. The cast: Who’s returning?

Zombies is a huge theme in “Kingdom”. In speaking with Allure, Ju Ji Hoon elaborated, “The zombies were demons to us, but they were once someone’s friend’s mother, friend, wife, and child. Although they were totally unrelated, they became infected as an effect of the power struggle. It was truly a sad and unfortunate thing happening to them. If this happen to take place in reality, it would be a natural instinct to stay alive and survive the whole thing, but it would not be easy at all to hurt them for the sake of my own survival.”

The storyline also tackles the different social class in society. Seo-bi and Young Shin, for example, portrayed the lives of commoners. “Although they were from the same class and background, these two characters’ ideals clashed with each other: Yeong-shin was an aggressive man who did so for his survival, while Seo-bi was a calm person who preferred to solve problems rationally using logical means. They were not compatible with each other, yet when the zombies ran rampant, they were forced to work together as a team in the midst of the crisis, causing them to identify with each other. There was also this bond of being in the same class of commoners. There were the Crown Prince and the noblemen, but only Seo-bi and Yeong-shin wore straw slippers and filthy clothes, so they kind of looked like siblings too,” Bae Doona told the publication.

Source: Twitter

Bae Doona also gave an insight on what was it like behind the scenes. “All the cast have nice personality. They are all fun people, but the mood maker on the set was no other than Joo Ji-hoon. The whole team had lots of difficulties filming various scenes like the battle scene, but he put out efforts to make it more comfortable for everyone. He would joke around a lot, and 90% of his words were jokes. Thanks to him, the mood was really great,” she shared.

3. The mystery of Young Shin



The enigmatic lone wolf Young Shin remained a mystery throughout the entire 1st season. Not much has been revealed other than the fact that he’s a warrior that possess agile and sharp-shooting skills. Hopefully season 2 will uncover his real identity.

4. The Horde


Season 1 ended on a nail-biting cliffhanger with the horde of undead attacking the city of Sangju while the sun is out. The zombies weren’t actually hiding from the sun but the warmth. The Prince Chang and his fellow troops of defenders are in shock. Although we didn’t get to see the start of this massive battle, audiences can expect the following season to remedy that.

Elsewhere, Seo-Bi and Beom-Pal have finally discovered the flower from the Frozen Valley that can potentially cure the plague. There’s one tiny problem, only shallow water separates the duo from another group of zombies. It’s going to take more than a miracle for them to make it out alive.

5. What’s happening in The Capital?


In the capital of Hanyang, the evil Prime Minister has locked out people from the regions of Gyeongbuk and Gyeongnam – leaving them to fall prey to the undead. The fierce “fiver armies” have been tasked to kill anyone that attempts to escape. The joke is on them though, since they don’t have any idea what they’re up against.

Don’t forget, Cho is out for blood. Determined to avenge the death of his son, he has his eyes set on killing Prince Chang.

6. The sly Queen Cho

Although Queen Cho is being used as puppet by her father Cho, this conniving lady also has a few tricks up her sleeve. Unbeknownst to many, she has been faking her pregnancy all this while. Her plan is to steal a boy from the first woman (out of the group of expecting mums) who gives birth. The first male born will then be the heir of the King and the Cho clan.

7. Moo-Young’s unborn child to be the future King?


It was revealed that Moo-Young, Prince Chang’s faithful guard, had sent his wife away to ensure her safety. Now that we know she’s been living in a shelter with other pregnant women, we expect Queen Cho to steal Moo-Young’s baby and make him the fake heir. Unfortunately, this would also mean that Moo-Young’s baby mama will have to be sacrificed.

8. The betrayer

Don’t forget, there’s also a snitch amongst the good guys pretending to be loyal to the Crown Prince. Any guesses who that might be?

“Kingdom” season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix from 13th March 2020 onwards.

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