Looks like the conflict between Dato’ Aliff Syukri and Ali Puteh has finally reached its conclusion. In this case, the former’s recent Instagram update explains it all.

The famed cosmetics billionaire uploaded a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation with the local comedian on his account. He also shared a useful tip to Dato’ Aliff concerning the overflowing controversies he’s been facing lately.

Source: Instagram via RotiKaya

“Salam Dato’. How are you? I just want to say this; If you’re not feeling calm thinking about people’s criticism, practise reading Surah Al-Fatihah and zikir. God willing, you will find comfort. Allah is Great, just by reciting zikir, it can calm your soul,” the 31-year-old told Dato’ Aliff.


The “Cuba Bahagia” singer replied, “Thank you… Again I apologise for all the mistakes I’ve done in the past.” In the caption, Dato’ Aliff described Ali as a good person. He further thanked the “Maharaja Lawak Mega” winner for sharing his helpful advice.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram via RotiKaya

Scrolling through the comments, a number of netizens expressed their gratitude knowing that the two have reconciled. They also suggest for Dato’ Aliff to distance himself from social media.

Kudos to Ali for not holding any grudge against what happened between them previously.

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