Dato’ Aliff Syukri is shedding some light on his ongoing issue with Ali Puteh.

During a special press conference held yesterday (Monday, 24th February), the 32-year-old entrepreneur publicly apologised to Ali and the rest of his family members for allegedly being the main cause of the dispute between him and his sister-in-law Nor Hidayah Mohd. Ali.

Source: Iluminasi

According to the D’Herbs boss, he’s taking the step to apologise because he doesn’t want to elongate the drama happening between them. “It doesn’t mean that I’m losing, but I refuse to lengthen the issue. We really didn’t expect this to happen and we had no intention of causing friction between the two,” Aliff told the press.


In the meantime, Aliff added that he’s ready to face Ali and his family to formally apologise as demanded by the comedian earlier. “I swear to God, I didn’t mean to breakthe family apart. Instead, I just wanted to help out after finding out about the shocking news of Abam Bocey’s passing,” the “Bobo Di Mana” singer clarified.

During the session, Aliff also demanded an independent preacher known as Ustaz Abu Syafiq Al-Asy’ary to openly beg for his apology within 24 hours. For the uninitiated, Ustaz Abu Syafiq previously accused that some of Aliff’s products didn’t obtain approval for halal certification.

Ustaz Abu even urged his followers to boycott his brand. As a result, Aliff revealed that his business has been severely affected following his false claims. He further added that he will not hesitate in taking legal action against the religious teacher.

Refusing to stay mum, Ustaz Abu responded by announcing via Facebook live that he will counter-sue Aliff for RM1billion! For those interested, feel free to watch the full clip of his statement here:

All these lawsuits are seriously giving us a headache!

Sources: Murai (1)(2). / Featured Image: Gempak.

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