Malaysian comedian Ali Puteh (full name Syed Ali Mubarak Syed Mohd Ridzuan) caused a stir after his ongoing conflict with his sister-in-law, Nor Hidayah, made several headlines lately.

The issue happened after Datuk Aliff Syukri’s recent visit to Hidayah’s house in Gombak, where he asked the family a few questions about her late husband Abam Bocey‘s inheritance, much to Ali’s dismay.

Source: Harian Metro


Ali responded by calling her out on Instagram, labelling her as a “widow with a heart of an animal”. His extreme remark has in turn received widespread backlash from local netizens who argued that it wasn’t proper for Ali to name-call his own sister-in-law. As at time of writing, the feud has yet to reach its settlement. So who’s at fault here?

In a recent interview with Ria X, Ali shut down all the accusations that he’s going after Abam’s wealth. According to Ali, he has already discussed with Hidayah regarding the topic. However, the latter asked for some time to properly handle the matter. He clarified, “On the 2nd day after Abam’s passing, I’ve talked to his wife about managing important things, especially his past debts.”

Source: Harian Metro

When asked about the reason he took Abam’s wallet and handphone, Ali responded, “The main purpose was because I know a lot of things related to his work is in the phone because I was the one in charge of managing all of his previous undertakings. I can also check (through the phone) if he had any debts yet to be settled as well.” He added that he will hand over the phone to Hidayah once the matter reached its conclusion.

During the session, he further denied false claims that Hidayah had to leave the house empty-handed. In fact, she’s the one who decided to exit on her own terms. “The issue of us driving her out from the house is completely false. In religion, she’s still under iddah (period of observation), but she decided to make her exit (from the house),” Ali revealed.

“We know that she’s a widow and their son’s an heir. We’re taking care of the child not because we’re eyeing for his properties. We want to raise him in a similar way like his father did in the past; not with luxury but more towards a modest life,” he further added.

In the meantime, Ali revealed that he will give further clarifications in a special press conference later today (Friday, 21st February). We can’t help but wonder if he’s telling the truth…

Sources: RotiKaya.

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