Choi Jong Bum (최종범) has reportedly hired a new lawyer on 30th December.

It is believed that Goo Hara’s ex-boyfriend will be needing his new lawyer to help him with his appeal trial with the Seoul Central District Court.

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The hairstylist’s request for a court-appointed lawyer was previously rejected. That’s why he is now seeking to turn his guilty conviction around with an appeal. If you remember, he was slapped with a 1-year-and-6-month after he was found guilty of “property damage, physical assault, threatening, and unnecessary force”.


However, Choi Jong Bum wasn’t guilty of sexual assault in the form of illegal footage filming. The South Korean will not face jail time, provided that he doesn’t violate his 3-year probation period.

Source: Google Images

The reality is Choi Jong Bum is appealing his case because the person he was convicted of assaulting can no longer speak on her own behalf because she’s dead. He is literally trying to use Hara’s death as a legal mechanism,” a user named diadems commented.

Another added, “Good, I hope they allow him to do so. That way when he takes it back to court, he can lose and get the harsher sentence that he deserved to receive in the first place.”

Source: All Kpop.

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