Malaysian actor Sharnaaz Ahmad has grown tired of people poking fun at the viral flying MyVi car video online.

In case you missed it, the meme has been circulating around the internet ever since 2020 kicked off. The 17-second clip was made famous by a Twitter user known as Zakwan (@benzaynudeen), much to everyone’s amusement. Feel free to check out the tweet here:

In response, the father-of-one took to his own account to give his two cents on the matter, “The flying car troll is pretty much boring. Rather than poking fun of the issue, it is better to focus on the dream that we have wished for and aim for success,” Sharnaaz wrote on the caption.

He also urge everyone to stop judging other people’s wishes to see a real flying car in real life. “Let’s dream big rather than make jokes of other people’s dreams… p/s cars will fly, so does people’s dreams too.. work it out gang…” the “Dia Yang Ku Cinta” further added in the tweet.

Are you on the same page with Sharnaaz’s statement?

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