Following David Tao and Shin’s concert cancellation in Penang over the weekend, Galaxy Group has announced that Emil Chau, better known as Wakin Chau (周华健)’s concert will also be cancelled.

The issue of this sudden cancellation is apparently due to some embezzlement within concert organiser WGM Entertainment. As you may know, Wakin was scheduled to perform in Penang on 23rd November.

Wakin Chau


During an interview with China Daily, Wakin’s agent shared that they’ve been on good terms with Galaxy Group for the past 10 years. Although the Taiwanese singer and team have contacted Galaxy Group, a solution has yet to announced.

Dream Factory Entertainment, who manages David Tao and Shin, explained that the duo couldn’t perform on Saturday because they weren’t paid. “Just when the singers were preparing to leave the hotel for the concert venue, the organiser suddenly announced the concert had been cancelled,” Dream Factory Entertainment director Elyn Tan said.

According to The Star, a lawyer who was entrusted with the funds had allegedly gone missing after he was paid RM6.8 million for the concert. Word on the street has it that the lawyer has since fled to China.

To compensate fans who bought the tickets and supported David Tao and Shin all this while, the artists have decided to hold a free concert to repay them. The relevant details will be announced soon,” said Dream Factory Entertainment.

In the meantime, those who have purchased Wakin Chau’s concert tickets can make their respective refunds once the organiser announces the refund method.

Sources: Galaxy Group, MMO.

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