The haze situation in Malaysia seems to be going from bad to worse lately.

In our previous post, we have discussed about the ongoing issue involving the current condition in our country, which grows to be more concerning as each day passes.

Source: The Straits Times

The government, among other citizens nationwide have come out with methods on how to handle the ongoing haze – including the usual tips on wearing mask, drink a lot of water etc.


Apart from that, there are also a few locals out there who suggested extreme measures in order to “chase” the haze go away. Take a look at these 4 weird and funny suggestions that we can’t help but shake our heads:

1. Using a pan & ice to “melt” the air particles

The ritual was popularised by Datuk Ibrahim Mat Zain – known among locals as “Raja Bomoh”. His way of uttering the word “jelebu” instead of the word “jerebu” (Malay word for haze) has also became a meme among netizens. The ritual is done by putting a block of ice onto a pan so that the air particles that contain the haze can melt.

2. Using a vase to Suck in the haze

Also made famous by the “Raja Bomoh” himself. In this case, he claimed that his ‘special’ vase has the ability to suck all haze so that Malaysians will be able to breathe a cleaner air.

3. Blowing the haze away


Known among local Twitter users as a resident prankster, Faizal Rosly (username @ijaicool) recently shared with his followers one of his brilliant method to blow the haze out from Malaysia. By using what? – A toy fan!

4. Dancing ritual to make the haze go away

Another hilarious method that we’ve came across online is a weird ritual that involves dancing. Some netizens have even asked if the “dancers” were possessed during filming.

Do you have any more to add in the list? Share with us in the comments.😄

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