Former Dewi Remaja contestant Haneesya Hanee is never one to back down when it comes to controversy.

The 19-year-old model-actress is often very vocal in expressing her opinions against people who downgrade her for having a dark-toned skin colour.

Source: Twitter

Recently, she updated her fans with a tweet. In the tweet, she posted a picture of herself standing in front of IKEA, along with the caption asking her followers that have been always called “hitam” (black) to upload their pictures in the reply section.


The reply section was flooded with her followers sharing their photos online. Haneesya also took the chance to leave uplifting remarks towards the fans and complimented them for being confident and staying true to themselves.

However, some keyboard warriors took it the hard way in reacting to her good intentions. In this case, most of them expressed their disgust towards Haneesya for playing the “victim card” yet again.

Some also felt that the “Cik Reen Encik Ngok Ngek” actress is nothing more than just an attention seeker. For those who are curious, check out some of the local netizens’ comments here:


As a response to the ongoing backlash, Haneesya posted another tweet stating that she’s happy with her decisions to talk about her dark skin. She further added that people can block her if they’re annoyed with whatever she posts on social media.

What do you think of the issue? Do you think it’s necessary for Haneesya to bring up issues regarding skin colour?

Source: BeautifulNara.

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