Malaysian beauty contest “Dewi Remaja” recently crowned its 2018/2019 winner Haneesya Hani. But in less than a week, netizens are asking the beauty queen to be stripped of her crown after video of her partying with the other contestants in a club gone viral on social media.

Many fans of the show have expressed their disappointment after seeing the behaviours of the contestants. “Dewi Remaja is supposed to be a role model to the Malaysian teens. They should set a good example to the younger audience,” said one commenter. “Please take back her title”.


The organiser behind the annual contest Majalah Remaja has released a statement, stating that they will be investigating the matter and actions will be taken if found guilty.

“As the brand owner of Dewi Remaja, Nu Ideaktiv takes a serious view of the videos allegedly involving some of the participants of Dewi Remaja 2018/2019. This matter is under investigation and appropriate action will be taken,” the magazine wrote.

Haneesya’s mother has also voiced out the issue on her personal Facebook, claiming that her daughter turned out that way due to bad influence from peers.

“Not everyone can be your friends. Be friends with those who bring you benefits and good influence…It’s okay. Mistake happens and I hope you will learn your lesson,” the mother wrote adding that she will be guiding the 18-year-old winner properly from now on.

“Dewi Remaja” is like the Muslim version of beauty pageants but there is no swimsuit segment. The winner of the contest will not compete in any international beauty contest such as Miss Universe nor Miss World because most of the finalists are Muslim, and Malaysian Muslim women are not allowed to compete in any international pageants since 1997.

Some of the famous celebrity names who have been born through this competition include Neelofa, Scha Alyahya, Rita Rudaini, Rozita Che Wan, Izara Aishah, Umie Aida, Mawar Rashid, Wardina Safiyyah, and more.

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