Influencer couple Cik Epal and Jofliam have caused quite a stir on social media after they announced that they will be suing several netizens due to the whole RM3k stroller drama.

While that drama is still ongoing, the couple is now entangled in a brand new controversy where they have been accused of copying an ad from South Korean e-commerce site, Gmarket for their slimming product Fair Fit.

A Twitter user by the handle @aku_penting has shared a video comparing Fair Fit’s earworm ad to Gmarket’s commercial featuring Super Junior’s member Heechul and AOA’s Seolhyun – and similarities are too obvious.

From the tune to the style and movement, Fair Fit’s ad does look like a blatant copy of Gmarket’s ad, however founder Jofliam has denied the accusation, instead he said that his ad was inspired from a Korean award.

“Honestly, I didn’t copy Gmarket. I took inspiration from a Korean video award and then only I found out that the video award was inspired from Gmarket,” he told mStar.

Despite his explanation, many netizens from Twitter are still not buying his excuse. Some even went ahead and report the issue to Gmarket’s official marketing team, asking the brand to take action on the couple.


“I’ve already referred to my lawyer and made preparation. If we’re sued, we will fight and if the ad is needed to be taken down, then we will do so,” Jofliam continued.

The couple’s decision to publicly exposed the names of the people whom they will be suing has somehow sparked outrage on Twitter as many people find their action unnecessary.

The couple even landed on the radar of local director Michael Ang who is known for publicly discussing about certain viral issues.

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