It all started with a stroller – not just any stroller, a stroller that cost a whopping RM3,000.

But before we start the story, let’s prep you guys with some background info on the famous influencer couple, Cik Epal and Jofliam.

Who are they?

Cik Epal and Jofliam are 2 famous social media personalities and entrepreneurs whose earning per month is more than 7 figures – yep, they’re super rich!

Their main business is slimming product FairFit but the couple also has some other side businesses and collaborations including the upcoming Chicken Scarves.

What’s with the drama?


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Beli stroller pon boleh jadi hal.? . Yang penting, “orang suka ke tak suka, aku ok je?” – Cik Epal 2019?


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So by now you might have seen the couple’s names mentioned on Twitter, Facebook or news sites. But what exactly is the drama about?

Basically, the couple received unwanted attention last week when Cik Epal revealed on social media that her husband had purchased a new stroller because he left the one they have at home.

As Cik Epal described on her IG story, her husband was “too lazy” to go back home and take it, so he bought a new one instead.

The couple’s action has been described by netizens as “riak” (show off) as it seems that they were trying to brag about how rich they are.

However, Cik Epal explained that the real reason her husband didn’t turn back to take their stroller was because she had to attend another event at the time and the husband will be left to take of their 2 kids by himself. Since there was no time to turn back, he bought the new stroller to save himself.

Harshly criticised and insulted on social media

Despite her explanation, the couple is still being condemned and ridiculed by all the makcik bawang, bawang rangers, keyboard warriors on social media. Some even used harsh languages and derogatory remarks to degrade the couple.

After nonstop criticism and taunting, Cik Epal and husband Jofliam have decided to fight the netizens with law.

There’s another case involving Aliff Syukri

The stroller is not the only reason why the couple is blasted on social media. A few days after their stroller case went viral, Cik Epal claimed that one of her caption on Instagram has been plagiarised by infamous entrepreneur Dato Aliff Syukri.

Cik Epal called out Aliff Syukri on his own post, and she later explained why she takes plagiarism seriously, “Why writings are copyrighted when they become books? Because ideas are expensive and not everyone can write.”

“All of my writings on my blog and captions on Instagram came out from my brain and heart. That’s why I can recognise my writing style….I worked so hard to form my sentences, that doesn’t give you right to steal it just to make your caption sounds better,” she wrote.

Her action to call out Aliff Syukri has also bring in various criticisms, especially from a certain Facebook user whom she described as “Akak Tudung Hitam”.

Will sue more than 5 individuals if public apology is not made

Cik Epal and Jofliam have officially announced that they will be suing more than 5 individuals who have degraded them with disparaging remarks and crude insults. “I used social media to earn money. So I have the rights to take action against anyone who damage my reputation and good name.” 

Cik Epal also said that she doesn’t care if people call her action’s immature or compared her to other influencers and artists, she will continue to do so since it is her rights, not to mention that she has been taunted and challenged by many people on social media who doubt that she will really take action.

For now, 2 individuals have stepped up to publicly apologised to the couple. The couple is still waiting for apology videos from 5 more individuals including Adnilsam Apat/Adnil Sam (akak tudung hitam), Lysa June – Hellysa Junaidi, Nyna Nrzeeana, and Suhaila Mahat (Penjawat awam hospital Taiping).

Not the first time fighting in court


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Menjawab soalan yang aku dapat ni.Sedikit info untuk korang kalau berminat nak tahu?. . 1. Kes defamation banyak berakhir dengan kemenangan. Ulasan mengatakan bahawa hanya 2 kes melibatkan individu itu sahaja yang menang adalah salah. 2. Pendapat adalah pernyataan. Bukan soalan. 3. Setiap individu ada tahap reputasi berbeza. Itu tugas Mahkamah. 4. TMJ tak buat apa apa tak bermakna TMJ tak boleh buat apa apa. Siapa dia untuk nyatakan mengapa TMJ tak buat apa apa. . Setiap hari ada sahaja kes defamation yang difailkan. Jika ianya pasti berakhir dengan kekalahan, untuk apa sistem Mahkamah ada dan untuk apa sesuatu kes difailkan. Damages sebesar atau sekecil mana bukan tugas kita. . Btw, tak lama lagi kami akan umumkan individu yang bakal disaman yang korang tak kan jangka pon dia akan disaman. Tungguuuuu ? . Bagi hint sikit siapa yang bakal disaman tu: Individu di twitter . Yang benar, Cik Epal?duta mahkamah

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This is definitely not the first time the couple has used law to fight for their rights. They previously had a case with “Bella Ammara” founder, Carl Samsudin or as they call him “Topi Merah”, and they also fight against a family which they nicknamed as “Usyuk Asyem”.

 “Now I have found the secret to becoming a millionaire. The secret is – sue the bawang rangers. Let them have it. When the time comes, you immediately becomes millionaire. Easy right?” Cik Epal shared in one of her Instagram posts.

(*In the earlier version of this article, we had mentioned Akak Perodua as one of the individuals that needed to make public apology. After clarification from Akak Perodua and Cik Epal’s lawyer, it has been noted that the person has nothing to do with this case.)

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