Malaysia and Singapore are finally going to battle it out in what can only be described as a night of comedic grandiose as Malaysia’s king of comedy, Douglas Lim takes on Singapore’s comedian cum drag queen Kumar in a hilarious verbal battle of ‘King vs Queen’!

Lim who is known for keenly observing his subjects and the political climate of his kingdom to curate comedic content is set to face rival Kumar, who is known for trumpeting comical proclamations relating to gender and politics.


The two comedians will be settling the score between the two feuding nations in a prolonged battle of who will claim originality so be prepared to expect provocative, captivating, scandalous, clever, and witty humour aimed at everything and anything related to the two rivalling countries!

For one-night only, join the war of words between comedy king Douglas and comedian (drag) queen Kumar with opening performance from another Malaysian comedy king, Kavin Jay.

Organised by Popcorn Studio Sdn Bhd, the royal take-down of ‘King vs Queen’ will take place at HGH Convention Center KL on 23rd August, 8PM.

Tickets are sold at RM500 (Royal Box), RM300 (VIP), RM250 (Gold) and RM200 (Silver) at ProTicket. Enjoy a 15% early bird discount until 30 June.

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