For those who have been following the recent drama surrounding Malaysian influencer couple – Cik Epal and Jofliam – will know that they are not one to be messed with.

They were accused of flaunting their wealth after purchasing a RM3,000 stroller. Feeling fed up, the pair announced that they will press charges several rude netizens fail to issue an apology.


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Edit video sendiri je ni?.Nak tahu siapa makcik dan pakcik bawang yang bakal disaman? Nantikan LIVE di instagram aku malam ini. 9.30pm. . Yang benar, Cik Epal & Jofliam, The Saman Couple ?

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Last night, she did an Instagram live session at 9:30pm to expose the “mak cik dan pakcik bawang” that will be sued. According to online reports, approximately 11,000 people tune in for the latest juice from the source herself. Even their lawyer, Abdul Hakeem Aiman joined in on the live session.

Out of the 3 names that were mentioned, one particular name stood out. The aforementioned individual was called “PU Nabil”. Contrary to popular belief, the person isn’t related to the reality program titled, “Pencetus Ummah”.

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While many of her followers applaud her for fighting back against bullies, others felt that it was below the belt to expose their names publicly.

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