Hours after South Korea’s famous Song-Song couple announced their divorce, another famous celebrity couple from Asia has also announced their breakup.

Chinese superstar Fan Bingbing shocked millions of fans yesterday when she revealed that she is breaking off her engagement with fiance Li Chen.


Fan announced the shocking news yesterday on her Weibo account which read, “We experience many kinds of farewells during our lives. The warmth and love that we gain from each encounter turns into strength that lasts forever.”

“Thank you for the sacrifices, support, and love you’ve given me and I’m thankful for the concern and love that you’ll give me in the future. We are no longer us, but we are still us.”

The news was so shocking to the point that it caused Weibo to go down several times as the fan reactions were too much for the server to handle.

Fan’s post was later shared by Li where he added, “From friends to lovers and then back again to friends. The emotions may change, but the pure feelings between you and me will never change.”

“The trust and support we have for each other will last forever. We are no longer us, we are still us,” he continued.

Fan and Li went public with their relationship in 2015 after filming the 2014 drama “The Empress Of China” together. The pair announced their engagement 2 years later as Li proposed to Fan on her 36th birthday.


Some fans have speculated that the couple’s split may have something to do with Fan’s infamous tax evasion scandal in 2017.

Source: Shanghaiist / Featured Image: Yahoo Singapore

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