After much speculations and accusations, “Dewi Remaja” finalist Anna Jobling finally voiced out regarding the beauty contest’s recent controversy.

The 19-year-old denies that she is the perpetrator behind the viral clubbing video, as claimed by many. “I’m not the person who spread the video. I’m not that sort of person,” she told MHE TV.

“If you have proof, please show me. This is a defamation. But I forgive everyone nonetheless,” she continued. “I really want to go into this industry with good vibes and a healthy relationship with everyone.”

Anna said that the controversy has somewhat affected her initially, but overtime, after talking it out with her parents, the young model decided to ignore the negativity and focus on her career instead.

The “Dewi Remaja” finalist who got 5th place in the competition also said that she is grateful with her achievement and she believes that her “rezeki” doesn’t stop in “Dewi Remaja”.

Previously, a former finalist of “Dewi Remaja” has hinted that Anna Jobling was the person who spread the controversial clubbing video.

Due to that, many netizens had bombarded Anna’s social media accounts with unpleasant comments and snake emojis.

Anna’s advice to the people who previously accused her is, “Don’t believe in everything you see without proof, and be more positive.”

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