Former finalists of “Dewi Remaja” Erni Nurshahira binti Khairul Zaman, 23 and Faizni Fazreen Fazera binti Faizul, 20, or better known as Ernisha and Fazreen respectively, have formally apologised to the public for breaking the contract of the competition.

In the contract, one of the terms and conditions stated that the contestants are prohibited from behaving indecently or doing anything that could tarnish the reputation of the organisers as well as the contestants themselves.

Ernisha and Fazreen who were both involved in the viral clubbing video alongside former winner Haneesya Hani, have had their title as the finalists of “Dewi Remaja” removed, and they are not allowed to use said title to promote themselves in the future.

“I would like to apologise for breaching the contract and  I admit that it is my own fault. I hope that with this confession, the issue will not be prolonged any further,” Ernisha told the organiser Majalah Remaja today.

The 23-year-old said that she would like to move on from the issue and she wish that everyone would forget and ignore about whatever claims she ever made in the past. “The past is the past. I just want to be positive. Maybe there’s a reason to what has happened.”

Ernisha previously hinted that the one who spread the clubbing video from Haneesya’s Instagram was fellow contestant Anna Jobling.

“I know that it’s my fault and what I did can affect my reputation as well as my company. I hope that this issue will be forgotten and hopefully after this, people will only focus on my career,” said Fazreen.

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