It’s true, jealousy is a disease, and it’s really scary.

Recently, it has been reported that the winner of the recent “Dewi Remaja” beauty contest, Haneesya Hani may have her crown stripped after a viral video of her partying in a club has gone viral on the internet. Many fans of the show are asking the organiser to take action.


Somehow, a lot of people are shocked that the 18-year-old went to clubs to party with her friends, saying that she didn’t set a good example to the teens as the winner of “Dewi Remaja”.

But what’s even more shocking is that the person who spread the video of Haneesya’s partying is reportedly one of her close friends on Instagram.

While some netizens are against Haneesya for her seemingly wild lifestyle, many felt sorry that she was betrayed by one of her close friends as the video shared on her IG story was meant only for her close and trusted friends.

According to the netizens on Twitter, it is believed that one of the people in Haneesya’s “Close Friends” list had recorded the video from her IG story and made it viral.

Thus, many has said that Haneesya’s case serve as a lesson and reminder to everyone to not trust anyone but yourself, and be careful on choosing your friends.

Here’s a piece of valuable advice from our very own rapper-turned-businessman Caprice:

Haneesya refused to comment on the viral incident as reported by Harian Metro. “I apologised. But for now, I refused to make any sort of statement.”

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